This Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Fundamentals for Oracle training focuses on Oracle-to-Oracle database replication. Expert instructors will deep dive into the Oracle GoldenGate architecture, walking you through various product features.

Learn To:

  • Install Oracle GoldenGate on Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Issue GGSCI commands.
  • Configure, start, stop and monitor Change Capture and Delivery processes.
  • Manage Extract trails and files using Data Pump and logdump.
  • Create parameter files to transform data.
  • Manage multiple Oracle GoldenGate instances.

Benefits to You

Integrate your organization’s disparate data across heterogeneous databases for improved decision-making. Become more efficient at configuring and implementing Oracle GoldenGate.

Install GoldenGate Installation & Command Line

You’ll learn to install Oracle GoldenGate and prepare the source and target environments. Enrolling in this course teaches you how to use the Oracle GoldenGate command line interface (GGSCI) efficiently.

Learn GoldenGate Configuration Processes

You’ll also develop the knowledge and skills to configure Change Capture (Extract), Change Delivery (Replicat) and Initial Load. You’ll learn how to extract trails and files using Data Pump, create parameter files and manage Oracle GoldenGate instances.

Uni- and Bi-Directional Replication

Capture of both DML and DDL will be configured for both uni- and bi-directional replication with collision detection.

Following are the course contents

1. Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate
2. Describing Oracle GoldenGate Process
3. Installing Oracle GoldenGate 12c
4. Configuring Change Capture (Extract)
5. Configuring Change Delivery (Replicat)
6. Configuring GoldenGate Data Pump
7. Performing Initial Load
8. Editing Configuration Parameters
9. Configuring online Change Synchronization without datapump
10. Configuring online Change Synchronization With datapump
11. Configuring DDL synchronization
12. GoldenGate table-level logging
13. Error Handling techniques
14. GoldenGate Checkpoints
15. Filtering and Mapping data
16. GoldenGate Tokens
17. GoldenGate Logdump
18. GoldenGate bi-directional replication
19. Achieving minimal downtime migration using GoldenGate
20. Real Time Interview Q & A